Enjoying The Best Of The ‘Exotic’

When Edward Said wrote his definitive work on ‘Orientalism,’ he claimed that the “orient” as a concept was misleading: the so-called East may have been mysterious to the Western countries that “discovered” them, but the West was just as mysterious to the Easterners. Today the world has largely moved on and the ‘orient’ and ‘occident’ are mostly terms of the past. Yet labels like “mysterious” and “exotic” still pervade our language, especially when it comes to tourism.

So try to shift your mind set a bit and try out these suggestions that are “exotic” in every way, on each side of the Greenwich line.

South East Asian countries and there beauty

Countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore belong to the South East Asian region and are as different from each other as apples and oranges. One thing that binds them? Amazing tourist locations. You will have the time of your life relaxing in an infinity pool in the middle of a tropical rainforest at Lombok villas and resort spas. Or you could go to Bangkok and indulge in one of their world famous massages, where all your worries and cares will be washed away. Try walking among the rice paddies of Vietnam, where the green is so bright it can hurt your eyes but soothe your soul at the same time.

Western European Countries

These are the countries that get labelled the ‘West’ all the time. Countries like England, France and Germany belong to Western Europe and the most interesting thing about them is their architecture. Plenty of cities have iconic architecture, but Western Europe has managed to preserve many of its historical buildings so that you can see every historical era represented in its buildings, barns, outhouses, churches etc. From Lombok resorts to inns and grand hotels, these countries will make you feel like you walked into a story book and that Dick Whittington should walk by with a cat any minute.

Latin America

This is an oddball continent that is neither the ‘West’ nor the ‘East’ and yet is a popular tourist destination from time to time. The various countries in this landmass speak primarily Spanish, Portuguese and variations of indigenous languages and their festivals, such as the Rio Carnival, attract huge crowds every year. The best part about visiting these countries is their food.

Now that you have clearly understood all the best places and their highlighting features make the most of our global village and travel, travel, travel!