How To Choose The Perfect Cut Of Meat

If you love eating meat, choosing the right meat cuts is something that is crucial. Meat gets the blame a lot of the time for being a fattening food but if you are to buy lean cuts of meat this problem can be easily avoided. The importance of choosing the right meat has not just to do with the amount of cholesterol but also to do with eating healthy and avoiding possible meat related food poisoning instances or parasites. Here is how you can choose a good cut of meat from the store.

From an outside glance

When choosing meat such as poultry or if you are wondering where to buy European pork in Japan from, go to a place that has a reputation for selling meats without bruising. The fresh meat if really good should be tender and have a lot of juices in it. They should be free, at a glance from any defects such as discolorations and bruises and even feathers in the case of poultry. There should be no broken bones in the product and there should not be any broken skin that will lead to the flesh drying out when you start cooking it.

Colour and cleanliness

All the meat that you buy need to be fully fleshed and meaty. There is no exception. The natural colour of the meat that you buy, for example if it is fresh pork or beef should be dark red except in the case of poultry. If meat does not show a red colour even when it has been exposed to air means that the red meat pigment has been destroyed and will result in a grey, brown or even repulsive greenish colour. This means that the cut is not fresh. The cleanliness of the cuts you buy are also very important. They should be cleaned and not be too wet or too dry on the surface and must have no blood spatter on the muscle tissue that looks unattractive.

Other things to keep in mind

Processed meat can be checked for its level of freshness and quality by appearance according to the various raw materials that have been used in making the final product. It should not have too much fat or connective tissue if any of this is clearly visible, it means that the processed meat has been made out of all the leftovers and is not of good quality probably. The smell of fresh lamb, poultry or any other meat should be one that is slightly on the acidic side. They must also feel tender and juicy. The appearance and the smell of the meat are usually dead giveaways of its actual condition and quality.