Common Disasters To Avoid In Managing Ceremonies

No matter how well thought out or planned a ceremony is, there are those off days when something unexpected happens and creates chaos and a lot of headaches. That being said being able to face unexpected situations have become part and parcel of the industry.

Even if you are a seasoned corporate event planner, there are chances of unpredictability and your career all depends on how well you handle these unforeseen events. It all comes down to being prepared and flexible enough to adapt to different situations. If you are interested about chinese wedding stage decoration you can visit this website

  • Issue with the venue: this can be a huge problem if you don’t have a backup plan. Sudden environmental issues can cause venues to be locked down so a backup venue is important. Another problem associated with this is not having a mechanism to inform the guests about the change of venue. Therefore it is best to have an online emailing system in place so that you can inform everyone at the click of a button.
  • No guests: this can cause great embarrassment, especially if you have done a lot of hard work in organising it, only to have no one turn up. This is a risk in ceremonies or conventions that are free. Sometimes when gests have not paid upfront they can decide to stay back due to various reasons. Therefore if you are a corporate event organizer in Singapore, consider to buffer up the guest list with at least 20% more than the capacity of the location.
  • Roadblocks or issues in transportation: there is no predicting this and it can happen to the best of us. So in such situations one must think spontaneously and may be re schedule some of the important aspects of the ceremony for later or reschedule altogether. Alternative travel options should also be looked at when planning.
  • Electronic issues: AV/ Laptops going off midsession are some of the most common issues. They can be very problematic and embarrassing, especially if you cannot get them up and running on time. Therefore the safest rule is to double or triple check all electronic devices that are to be used before hand and have helpers or volunteers well informed of what to do should disaster strike.
  • Volunteers bail on you: sometimes having all your responsibilities given to volunteers can be a problem especially if most of them decide not to turn up. To avoid such cases it is always good to have both paid and volunteer staff helping at the location. In this way you can at least allocate some of the most crucial responsibilities to the paid staff.

Paying attention to the above can really make sure that you are ready for any unforeseen issue at your next convention.