How To Plan A Dog Themed Birthday Party

Something that every young child wants is a dog. That is because they consider puppies to be adorable creatures. Therefore every time they see a puppy on the road they may beg their parents to get them one. However, we understand that raising a dog is a big responsibility. Therefore when you have a young child in the home you may not have the time to look after a dog. But every time you say no to your child your heart might break a little. Therefore that is why this year you should throw them a dog themed birthday party. We know it is not like giving them a dog on their birthday. But they would still enjoy a party that is centred around furry four-legged creatures.

Create a Budget

We understand that you want to give the world to your child. But that does not mean you should break the bank in order to do so. Therefore make sure to create a budget before you begin to make any purchases. However, prior to making the budget try to do some research. This way you would be able to create a realistic budget. Furthermore, you would also be able to adhere to it. Although it may seem stressful to create a budget it would help one in the long run. That is because it would help them make decisions more easily. For instance, they can decide whether they can afford a photobooth or not.


For a children’s party, you cannot get away by simply serving the guests food. Instead, you also have to offer them some activities. But when it comes to a dog themed party you may be hard-pressed to find activities. However, it does not have to be a difficult process. You can go on to show the children a dog themed movie. Furthermore, you can even bring a friend’s dog so the children can play with him/her. This way you can even have an instant photo booth Singapore so the children can take photos with this animal.

Food & Drinks

Obviously, the cake would be in the shape of the dog. But you can also serve cookies and cupcakes shaped like dogs. Furthermore, instead of ensuring everything is in the shape of a dog you can also change things up. For instance, you can make sure the cookies and pizzas are shaped like dog bones.

Dog themed birthday parties can be enjoyable. But make sure the child understand that it is only a dog themed party. Otherwise, they would get disappointed that they are not getting a dog.